6 alternative activities for a photographer in the Coronavirus days


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Unfortunately, we are experiencing a moment of great difficulty, with the obligation to stay indoors to prevent the spread of the virus. As in almost all sectors, activities related to photography are decreasing. Earning as an artist and getting your work recognized is not easy when everything is going well, much less now.


In any case, you don’t have to let yourself go and stay on the couch watching news or writing on social media. There are more productive activities that, as a photographer, you can do to take advantage of the free time that this COVID-19 is leaving you:


1. Study through an online photography course and practice at home

The study of photography is fundamental, along with experimentation and constant practice. The pandemic could be the right opportunity to take old courses that were left to gather dust and failed to finish, as well as look for new ones and take a look at the many tutorials on Youtube;


2. Update your portfolio

Among the many activities of a photographer, finding the time to order the work and select it in an effective portfolio is not easy. Now you have no more excuses! During the Coronavirus period I will be available for free online portfolio readings of max 1 hour;


3. Adjust the design and SEO of your website

In order to better present your work and position yourself in the organic Google search;


4. Contribute to image stock agencies

Your work can be sold for commercial and editorial purposes worldwide;


5. Create stories for magazines

Try to sell directly, without intermediaries. Another activity that requires a lot of time and concentration, but could open the door to an interesting collaboration;


6. Participate in photography competitions

Awards are important to give visibility to your work. Before applying to a photo contest, read the rules, and make sure that the organizers respect the photographer’s rights.


I hope these tips will help you to continue to grow and live your passion for photography even in these difficult times. It is important to stay active and dream, this crisis will not last forever!

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  1. Hi Nicholas!

    Great article! Thanks for sharing.
    At point 3 i would suggest adding his own business to some listing directories.
    It gives a backlink for free, helps with SEO and attracts new website visitors and maybe new customers.

    All the best!


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