How I fell in love with travel photography

I’m a freelance photographer based in Buenos Aires (Argentina). During the last 10 years, I have had the opportunity to travel frequently for pleasure and work, getting to know more than 40 countries. I collaborate with different agencies and I dedicate myself to travel and portraits.

Portrait session in Tanzania, Africa.

Where did my passion for photography come from?

The first contact with this artistic expression takes place during adolescence, at home, trying to capture “moments” of my family environment with an old Polaroid.

I lived most of my life in a small village in the province of Reggio Emilia (Italy) of only 500 inhabitants and grew up helping my father in his agricultural activity. Inspired by a traveling uncle and the desire to know something more than my little corner of the world, I soon began to dream of distant places and cultures.

The Ross castle in Ireland

It is during a single journey through green Ireland, with my first reflex camera (a Canon 400D) that I fell in love with travel photography. I understood how important is for me to be able to approach other cultures through the lens of the camera. At first, it was a fundamental way to defeat shyness, to have an excuse to observe and feel good in a new environment.

Over time I deepened my study of technique and continued to do so, constantly renewing my equipment and inspired along the way by the brilliant work of other photographers such as Steve McCurry, Sebastião Salgado, Joel Sartore, Gavin Gough, Steve Davey, Sam Abell, Eric Lafforgue, Jimmy Nelson and Amy Vitale. I then decided that my passion would also become a profession, combining photography with travel.

Gaucho travel photography

Until today I have not regretted this choice, remembering when the daily difficulties arise what drove me to take this path, which never ceases to amaze me, allowing me to express my creativity and transmit my knowledge to other people.

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