My top 10 photos of 2018, the story behind the images

The past year was rich in adventures and photographs. I increased my stock sales and have had different photographs featured by the National Geographic, La Stampa, Travel Magazine. etc.

2019 comes with many new goals to achieve and desire to improve!

Below are 10 of my favorite photographs from 2018:

Diagonal Norte

People on Diagonal Norte at sunset

As a photographer based in Buenos Aires, I’m always looking for a good light among the most emblematic places in the capital. Here I was along the “Diagonal Norte” at sunset and managed to capture the silhouette of these people crossing the street with the Obelisk in the background.


Classical dancer ballet

Victoria is a talented classical dancer who runs her school in downtown Buenos Aires. The photo session with her was very funny and after several attempts with a long exposure, we reached the desired result. It seemed to be the ideal form to represent her.

Maasai Boma

Maasai group portrait in Tanzania

I thought for a long time what I wanted to take home from a visit to a Maasai village in Tanzania. I finally decided to photograph them from the bottom up, thus highlighting the colors of their clothes and getting a curious collective portrait.

Couple with the Obelisk

Obelisk photo shoot couple

Here I was with a young Korean couple during a photoshoot in the city center. On the weekend there is not much traffic in the area and I managed to freeze this moment with the Obelisk and a traditional taxi in the background.

Maasai Warrior

Maasai warrior Tanzania

As a portrait photographer, I was very impressed by the fixed and hard gaze of this young Maasai warrior, he deserved a close-up photo, to highlight the detail of the painting and eyes.

Sunset in Orense

Sunset in Orense

I like Orense, a place along the Argentine coast, because there is not much, apart from a few houses and the noise of the ocean. That day at sunset the sky was colored by a beautiful orange and I could shoot the silhouette of a photographer, with the texture of the water on the beach, the waves, and clouds on the bottom.

The road to the National Congress

Road to the Argentine National Congress

I wanted to give movement to Avenida de Mayo, one of the most important avenues in the capital, which from Plaza de Mayo reaches the National Congress. So, with a tripod, after choosing the right location, at the moment with the most traffic of the day, I took this picture, which brings attention to the green dome in the background.

King Lion

adult male lion Ngorongoro

The Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania is a micro-ecosystem where different species live together, a unique context of its kind. This is probably my favorite photo of 2018, watching it transmit me the power and elegance of this adult lion, with the road that completes the composition and gives depth to the image.

Fredy & Paola

Couple photo shoot Colon Theater

She’s Colombian and he’s Argentinean. Last year we did a photoshoot together in the city center and I fell in love with this photo. To frame this romantic couple, the beautiful details of the Teatro Colon, one of the gems of the capital.


Mennonite portrait

The Mennonites come mainly from Germany and Holland. During the visit to the colony in the Argentinean Pampas, I met the young Abraham. I was struck by the blue of his eyes, his blond hair and his proud look. 

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