My top 10 photos of 2019

2019 was a very busy and entertaining year. I had the pleasure of having more than 100 students in my photography courses, some of whom also accompanied me during several travel workshops around Argentina and at the end of year exhibitions. I also received many visits from travelers in Buenos Aires, between portrait sessions and private lessons.

In the search of improving and innovating, I started a restructuring of the website that took more than 4 months, which unfortunately has partly conditioned the trend of the blog, but finally, the wait is over and 2020 comes with several new features, which I will reveal in detail in one of the next posts!

As every year, I selected the list of my best photos of 2019, which I show you below with anecdotes included:

Tango in Buenos Aires

tango buenos aires

I had imagined this scene several times walking down Avenida Corrientes, I was just missing the right subjects. Right before the end of the year I casually met Facundo and Mirisol, a wonderful couple of professional tango dancers. We agreed for the photoshoot and the result was excellent. The photo turned out even better than I had imagined: a postcard from Buenos Aires!

Portrait of Osvaldo

tango artist Buenos Aires

It was truly an honor to be able to portray Osvaldo, one of the historic dancers of the Plaza Dorrego. Dressed as in a vintage movie, he observes his public through the window of the Bar Dorrego, waiting for the next performance.

Portrait of a young mother with her child

tribe jujuy argentina

I met this young girl with her child during a trip to the “Quebrada of Humahuaca”, a remote place in the north of Argentina and for this reason still rich in traditions, with a strong cultural identity. Perhaps my favorite image of 2019.

Dinner at the Torrechiara Castle

dinner Torrechiara castle

One of the most picturesque moments of my summer trip to Italy this year. A dream candlelight dinner with a breathtaking view. In the background, with the long table crossing the vineyards of the Aldini winery, is the beautiful Castle of Torrechiara.

Magic in Uyuni!

photoshoot in Uyuni

An unexpected photo during the trip to Bolivia. The perfect couple, Mel & Lisa, at the most extraordinary moment of the trip, with the twilight reflected in the saline waters. Pure magic!

Portrait of a Mennonite girl

Mennonite girl portrait

This year we came back for the second time to visit the Mennonite Colony in the Argentine pampas. Each time a surprise. I could stay hours retracing these fascinating people, faces that take me back in time.

The Hornocal landscape

Hornocal mountain Jujuy

During the journey in the ” Quebrada de Humahuaca”, I was able to visit one of the most beautiful landscapes of Argentina: the Hornocal, known as the mountain of 14 colors. I chose to show the movement of the people walking along the path with a long exposure, to give more dynamism to the image, with the immense mountain in the background.

Portrait of a girl with her alpaca

bolivian girl alpaca

As soon as I reached the island of the Sun, on Lake Titicaca (Bolivia), I met this smiling young girl who was holding her alpaca tight. A genuine smile that gives me positivity every time I look back at this image.

Gaucho work at the Estancia

gaucho work estancia

Three gauchos take the herd of cows back to the Estancia at sunset. An epic moment during this year’s visit to the Corrientes area. After two days of rain, the wait was finally rewarded!

Pair of flamingos

flamingos Bolivia

What attracted me right away was the combination of colors, the yellow of the vegetation and the flamingos’ beaks together with the blue of the waters of the Cañapa Lagoon (Bolivia). In addition, the two birds seem to be chatting with each other.

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2 thoughts on “My top 10 photos of 2019”

  1. Oh, my God! How beautiful it is! I love “little” pictures that have their “big heart” story behind them. Nicholas, why only 10? I want more😊 They’re adorable! By the way, is there a favorite shot among them? Only one😊
    Which will you choose and why?

    • Thanks Anna! Even if each of these shots has remained in my heart, if I had to choose two of them, they would probably be: the couple dancing the tango at sunset in Buenos Aires and the northern girl with her son.

      The first one, every time I see it again, makes me relive the magic of tango and the beauty in the art of two professional dancers like Mirisol and Facundo. The second one made me so excited even when I was shooting: a genuine and colorful portrait from the north of Argentina, in front of the door of an old church belonging to a small village in the “Quebrada of Humahuaca”.

      These results are worth the effort and research that I invest in travel photography!


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