Tales in a suitcase: “How photography accompanies travel”

I thank Rolling Pandas, an Italian portal, for the interview released yesterday about my work as a travel photographer and blogger


Nicholas Tinelli portrait

This is how Nicholas, a professional photographer, takes on his travels and inspires other people.

Besides being a photographer, he runs his own blog, which brought us into his world.

Here is the interview:

Tell me a bit about yourself and your blog.

My name is Nicholas, I am 32 years old, I was born in Italy and I live in Buenos Aires (Argentina), where I work as a travel photographer. I am an avid reader and I have always been passionate about writing. Even greater is my passion for photography, which in the past has never left me much time to write.

Starting to order my ideas on the blog helped me to develop this creative side and above all to force me to find the time to do it. With the blog, available in three languages (Italian, English, and Spanish) I try to help photography enthusiasts, with tips dedicated to the genre of travel, portrait and fundamental aspects of the discipline, which complement the work I do as a teacher here in Argentina and online.

I also use it to keep my readers informed about my activities, my latest news in photography and interviews with personalities active in this field. Through my website I offer photographic tours and photoshoots in Buenos Aires, as well as tailor-made trips, taking advantage of my experience as a local photographer.

photo shoot in Buenos Aires

When did you start to combine travel and photography?

The passion for photography was born during adolescence, at home, playing with an old polaroid. Only in 2008, on the occasion of a solitary trip in green Ireland with my first reflex, I realize how unique is the possibility to approach other cultures through the lens of my camera. From there I never stopped traveling, renewing my equipment and studying photography to improve my skills, until I start my professional career in 2016.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to approach the world of photography?

Photography is a wide world and closely linked to art and technology, where there are always great news and much to learn. My advice to those who are approaching this art form is to start with a good basic photography course. A professional will be able to guide you with the initial kit and to pass on his passion and knowledge. From then on it is mainly a matter of practice and error.

If instead you are already active as amateur photographers for some time and you want to start working as professionals, my recommendation is to organize your portfolio, think in the form in which you want to introduce yourself to others and be very patient, it is not easy to take this path and at the beginning the gain is little. It’s a job that pays off with time, study and practice.

monks playing in a temple

Tell me about a travel experience that has struck you.

I particularly remember a trip to Myanmar. We were on Inle Lake and one day we decided to take the bike and start exploring its surroundings. Without a guide or a map, completely free of thought, we passed through small villages in the countryside where locals were collecting sugar cane. We walked through the fields and met friendly, smiling people who didn’t speak English, but gladly showed us what they were doing.

A genuine travel experience, out of the beaten path of tourism and rich from a photographic point of view!

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