Travel photography in the time of the Coronavirus

travel photography coronavirus
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According to the writer Daniel Pennac, “The time to read, like the time to love, dilates the time to live…However, have you ever seen a lover who has no time to love? I never had time to read, and yet nothing could stop me from finishing a novel I liked.”

So much truth in very few words.

The same goes for the time to write, to relax and remember the days spent frantically running after one thing and another, those days stolen by the Coronavirus pandemic, which seem almost a distant memory. Passions and activities that dilate our time for living.

It seemed to me, therefore, the right moment for a reflection: what is travel photography?

We could define it as a genre that includes many other types of photography, mainly landscape, portrait and documentary photography.

However, this definition is too generic and technical, I prefer to share with you what travel photography means to me:

“It’s a passion and a way of life. It is to transmit the dream and the desire to travel through an image. It is a continuous research to understand, discover and wonder. It is a medium that helps to open us up to others, apparently different from us, by culture and traditions, but in truth equal, parts of the same human race, parts of our planet.”

All this seems pointless in times of pandemic, with the impossibility of moving, the economy in free fall and the great doubt: when will we return to normality?

But in truth, it is even more valuable. It is now when our photographs, the memories of our trips, of our past experiences and the people we met, help us to believe that what we are living today is a false reality and that it is worth fighting to live moments like these again with consciousness and to enjoy them more intensely, to dream again.

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