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Welcome to Nicholas Tinelli’s Travel Photography Blog. Since 2018 I share photography articles, as well as interviews with professionals and the activities I organize.

A space to express this passion in words, not just images. 

Why a blog about Travel Photography?

The idea of a blog dedicated to Travel Photography was born when I started teaching.

During the courses and workshops I often receive many questions that sometimes it is not possible to answer on the spot in a completely comprehensive way. So I decided to start writing down, in a clear way, the answers to these questions.

Another reason that prompted me to write a blog is the possibility to share my professional experience with a wider audience, including those who, for reasons of distance, cannot attend my classes or the photographic journeys I organize with Argentina Photo Workshops.

Over time I have also begun to interview some of the greatest professionals in the world of Travel Photography, Landscape, Portrait, Documentary, etc. 

These interviews give me a chance to get to know the more human and personal side of these artists, who dedicate their lives to photography. Reading stories and anecdotes from their experience is a way to know, learn and find inspiration.

I feel, finally, that the blog is like a diary, in which I can express myself freely and share with the readers my biggest passions: Photography and Travel.

Interested in learning more about Travel Photography? 

Travel with me, or take a look at my training offer!

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