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Discover the galleries below, with selected stock travel images. All Photographs (minus the "Portraits in Bs As") are available for Fine Art Prints and Image Licensing.

Most of my content is from Argentina and Buenos Aires, from Tango to Gauchos, Landscapes, Culture, Wildlife, and Portraits from South America.

If you don’t find the content you need for Image Licensing, write to me and I will perform a search of the archive and send you a selection of low-resolution images that can meet your request.

What is Image Licensing?

Image Licensing is an important and often misunderstood part of using photographs and other creative content. Essentially, image licensing is an agreement between the owner of an image and the person or organization using that image, which outlines the terms and conditions of how the image can be used.

There are several different types of image licenses available, including Royalty-Free licenses, and Rights-Managed licenses.

A royalty-free license allows the user to use an image without paying for each use, while a rights-managed license is a more complex contract that defines the terms and conditions of use and often involves a fee for each use.

In general, Image Licensing is designed to protect the interests of both photographers and the people or organizations using their work.

Photographers and other content creators rely on licensing agreements to make a living from their work, while those who use the work need to ensure that they’re not infringing on the creator’s rights.

It’s important for users to understand the terms of an image license before they start using an image. Some licenses allow images to be used in certain contexts but prohibit use in others.

For example, a photographer may license an image for use online but prohibit it from being used in print materials. Users must respect the terms of the license agreement and not use the image in any way that is not allowed.

Another important aspect of image licensing is attribution.

Attribution is the practice of giving credit to the creator for their work. While not all licenses require attribution, many photographers appreciate it when people using their work do so. It’s also important to ensure that any alterations made to an image are within the parameters defined in the license agreement.

In summary, Image Licensing is a complex but essential aspect of using photographs and other content in your work.

By understanding the different types of image licenses available and respecting the terms of use outlined in the license agreement, users of creative content can protect the creators’ rights while still being able to use the images they need.

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Stock Travel Images

Stock Travel Images are photographs that captures the essence of a Travel Destination, and inspire others to travel.

These images are typically available for licensing and can be used by individuals, businesses, and organizations, such as magazine editors, tourism operators, and brands, for various purposes: publications on websites, social media, prints, brochures, advertisements, and more.

Stock Travel Images provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for those in need of high-quality visuals to enhance their projects or communicate the beauty and allure of specific travel destinations.

They offer a wide range of subjects, including landscapes, landmarks, cultural experiences, food, portraits, and wildlife, allowing users to easily find the right image to match their specific needs.

An efficient and reliable resource for visual storytelling.

In Nicholas Tinelli’s Galleries you will find a wealth of images from Buenos Aires, Argentina and the world. If you don’t find the one that fits your project, write to me.