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Story of a photoshoot in Buenos Aires

A few months ago I received an email from Clifford. He looks at my website and likes the idea of a Private Photoshoot in Buenos Aires.

After explaining his needs to me, we arranged a place and time for a session in Puerto Madero, the vibrant and modern district of Buenos Aires where the old port of the city was located.

Stefanie, the fiancée, with whom he lives in Paraguay, had no idea of traveling to nearby Argentina, and at the last moment, arriving at the airport, Clifford let her know that Asuncion was no longer their final destination. The choice fell on Buenos Aires for the charm of its architecture, for which it is nicknamed the “Paris of South America”.

A romantic place and an ideal destination for a couple’s trip.

So in the late afternoon of a Sunday in May, after we met, we started to take some photographs. Sometimes laid pictures, other times naturals, different portrait plans, details, and backgrounds. All this correlated with the lights of the sunset and later by the splendid lighting characteristic of the neighborhood, highlighting the “Fragment Sarmiento” and the “Puente de la Mujer” by the architect Santiago Calatrava.

Just towards the end of the photoshoot came the most beautiful and unexpected moment for Stefanie: the marriage proposal. Knowing it in advance I thought well about the composition, the background and the elements to be included in the scene, as well as the ideal light to capture this moment in the best way.

She said yes!

Being part of a moment like this is priceless and is one of the reasons why I love what I do, every time the conditions change, the persons and the light creates unique and unrepeatable moments. The next day we met for a studio session and together we selected the final photos.

The work of a photographer requires time and effort, during the service, and later, in post-production, but it definitely worth it, especially when it is repaid by the client’s satisfaction.


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