How My Passion for Travel Photography Started

travel photographer

I am a freelance photographer based in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and during the last 10 years I have had the opportunity to travel frequently, for pleasure and work, knowing more than 40 countries. I collaborate with several agencies and dedicate myself full time to travel photography and portraits. How did my passion for Travel Photography … Read more

8 Travel Photography Books to Get Inspired

travel photography books

Inspiration is also born between the pages of a book, which reveals stories, anecdotes, images of photographers who have made a great sacrifice to convey the essence of their work to the public, the idea behind a project. Images that hopefully have the strength to improve collective thinking and show us distant realities that we … Read more

My 10 Best Photos of 2020

carnival uquia argentina

As every year, it’s time for a summary. 2020 was quite “catastrophic”, but it also had its positive aspects: it gave me time to think about what I was doing and how, I was able to reorganize my work, improve my services and together with a group of recognized Local Professional Photographers, we gave shape … Read more

Interview with Alessandro Vannucci, Photographer and Tour Leader in Cambodia

Monks at the Kulen Waterfalls in Cambodia

For this interview we fly to Southeast Asia, in Cambodia, a country with a glorious and turbulent history that attracts travelers from all over the world thanks to its architecture, art and traditions, dating back to the time of the Khmer dynasty. We do this through the experience of the Italian travel photographer Alessandro Vannucci. … Read more

6 Tips to Improve Your Stock Travel Photography Portfolio

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Many travel photographers start their careers trying to earn extra money with stock photography. It was the same for me. I started by making a careful selection and uploading some photos of my first trip. Then the first sale came, together with the surprise and enthusiasm that motivated me to continue. Over time this methodical … Read more

How to Build a Photography Portfolio

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Share on facebook Share on linkedin Share on whatsapp Share on pinterest Share on email If you start getting serious and want to organize your photography work properly to show it to the public, it is essential to build an effective portfolio of your pictures.  This is not the only aspect to be taken into … Read more

Photography Workshops or Tours? Guide to the Best Choice

photography workshop in northern argentina

Condividi su facebook Condividi su linkedin Condividi su whatsapp Condividi su pinterest Condividi su email Have you ever attended Photography Workshops? There’s no better way to learn, by gaining experience directly in the field, with a Professional Photographer. In photography there is so much to learn and during a photo workshop you can significantly improve … Read more

A Sincere Guide on How to Become a Travel Photographer

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Share on facebook Share on linkedin Share on whatsapp Share on pinterest Share on email Have you ever wondered How to Become a Travel Photographer and live off your passion? This idea fascinated me since I was young, when I dreamt among the pages of National Geographic with the images and stories that led me … Read more

Humahuaca Photo Workshop – Feb. 2020

carnaval norte

It’s already been 3 months since our last photo workshop, before the pandemic became part of our reality and changed all this year planning. At the end of February, with a small group of passionate photographers and travelers, we visited the north part of Argentina, in the province of Jujuy and Salta, during the Carnival … Read more

Story of a sunset on the ancient U-Bein bridge

U Bein bridge sunset

On the list of wonders that Myanmar (Burma) has to offer the world, certainly the teak wooden bridge of U-Bein, the oldest existing with these characteristics, is not missing. Its construction (around 1850) dates back to the Kingdom of Ava, when Amarapura, a town near Mandalay, was still the capital of the country. More than … Read more