Interview with Photographer Alessandro Bergamini

indian woman portrait

In this interview we fly to Italy to meet Alessandro Bergamini, Photographer and Tour Leader dedicated to portraits, cultures and traditions from Asia. How did your passion for Travel and Photography started? The passion for travel comes from a constant curiosity and desire to discover the world. I’ve always wanted to travel and I’m passionate … Read more

Ethnic portrait in Travel Photography

portrait photography Argentina

One of the most popular genres in travel photography is the portrait, which we could generically define as the art of representing a person through an image. There are different types of portraits, and there is a lot to study on the subject, theoretically and practically. Today we focus in particular on the ethnic portrait: … Read more

Upcoming photography courses in Buenos Aires – February 2020

Photography courses in Buenos Aires

In less than 15 days the first series of group photography courses will begin in Buenos Aires. In addition to the course of travel photography and retouching with Photoshop, I will introduce a novelty: the Master in Portrait – Part 1. The first of a series of courses dedicated to the art of portrait photography … Read more

Photographic journey to the Mennonite Colony and Lake Epecuén – November 2019

Mennonite colony in Argentina

After last year’s success, in November, I will organize another photographic journey to the Mennonite Colony and Lake Epecuén – two days of intense photography, including portraits and landscapes! Who are the Mennonites? The Mennonites are a religious group that lives “frozen in time”, with a lifestyle similar to that of the Amish and that … Read more

7 top tips for portrait photography

Photoshoot in Buenos Aires

As you can see from my portfolio, there is a special place in my heart for portrait photography. I love to capture the emotion on a person’s face and find that perfect image that encapsulates their personality. But as you can imagine, this can be very difficult and takes a lot of skill and patience. … Read more

How to put your clients at ease

put your clients at ease

The hardest part of a portrait photography session is keeping people natural and relaxed. In most cases, the photographer and the client meet for the first time and it can be really difficult to quickly get into a state of confidence. It’s important to be skilled with the camera and get the most out of … Read more

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