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How to get sharp images: 8 aspects to take into account

sharp image of a flamingo

Do you strive to improve your photography but can’t always get sharp images? Does it ever happen that you go home, download photos to your computer, and realize that unlike what you thought you saw on the camera display, some of the best shots of the session are not perfectly in detail? I’ll tell you … Read more

Ethnic portrait in Travel Photography

portrait photography Argentina

One of the most popular genres in travel photography is the portrait, which we could generically define as the art of representing a person through an image. There are different types of portraits, and there is a lot to study on the subject, theoretically and practically. Today we focus in particular on the ethnic portrait: … Read more

Guide to Essential Image Formats in Photography

formatos en fotografia

Do you know what are the essential image formats in photography?   It is important to clarify this topic from the beginning to avoid errors and loss of time, consolidating a correct workflow, in the shooting phase and in post-production. There are different formats and the choice of one or another will depend on the … Read more

What does a polarizing filter do?

Tiffen polarizing filter

With the development of digital post-production, some of the filters used in the past (e.g. for color modification) are no longer needed. With a few steps, using software such as Photoshop, we can achieve the same result and avoid carrying weight in excess. The same is not true for the polarizing filter, an indispensable accessory … Read more

The complete guide to the Depth of Field (DoF), with examples and practical exercises

Short depth of field in a portrait

Want to learn how to blur the background of your images? In a portrait, it could be fundamental to focus attention on the subject and isolate it from an uninteresting scenario. To achieve this effect you will need to master the depth of field, the area of the image that our eyes appreciate as sharp, … Read more

Color management in printing

color management in photography

Did you bring your photos to print in the laboratory and the result is very different from what you expected? It happened to me too to find myself in this situation when I started to take my first steps in digital photography. Everything revolves around proper color management. Understanding how to manage color is essential … Read more

How to choose the right photographer for your event

Choosing the right event photographer

Usually, whit a big event coming up there’s a lot of stress in the air and different aspects to manage. You surely want to plan and organize it in the best way, making sure to capture each special moment with high-quality images. Entrusting the task to a professional photographer will avoid any inconveniences, obtaining an excellent … Read more

10 mistakes to avoid for a Travel Photographer

Too much equipment

Are you about to travel? Would you like to be at your destination already with your camera in hand? I understand you well! It’s the best time to take pictures. When everything is new to our eyes the enthusiasm is great and consequently also the creativity. Travel photography is something extraordinary, it includes different genres, … Read more

7 top tips for portrait photography

Photoshoot in Buenos Aires

As you can see from my portfolio, there is a special place in my heart for portrait photography. I love to capture the emotion on a person’s face and find that perfect image that encapsulates their personality. But as you can imagine, this can be very difficult and takes a lot of skill and patience. … Read more

Essential equipment for getting started with travel photography

travel photography essential kit

  What is the essential equipment for getting started with travel photography? Ideally as light as possible, but also useful for our purpose. So it is important to take into account the quality/weight ratio. For luck, technology helps us, and today there are materials that allow us to maintain an excellent level of quality with … Read more