Essential photo kit for travel photography

travel photography essential kit

The magic of travel, where everything is new to us. There’s no better time to photograph and depending on the type of trip, you’ll need to know how to choose a suitable photo kit.

Today there are products made with materials that allow us to maintain an excellent level of quality with reduced weight. Carrying heavy equipment throughout your trip can be uncomfortable and difficult, especially if photography is a hobby and not a job. It is also important to take into account the type of transport you will be traveling with, for example by plane, there are important restrictions in terms of size and weight.

So, how do I prepare for the trip?

Preparation depends on what you are going to do, the type of trip and how important photography is to you.

To help you make this difficult choice, below you will find a list of the essential photo kit, a list of essential accessories to take with you on your travel:

1. Camera bag

An ideal space where to transport your equipment will improve your travel experience. Try to find a sturdy yet lightweight backpack that fits your equipment. Possibly with extra features that make direct access to your equipment difficult to avoid fast theft, with rain protection and extra space for a tablet or mini-laptop accessory.

2. The right lens

Think about what kind of photography you’re going to do, the possibilities you might have, landscapes, portraits, wildlife..etc. Each genre requires lenses with different characteristics and focal lengths. Possibly, try to don’t carry with you more than necessary even if I know that the choice is never easy!

3. Batteries & chargers

Do not leave unprepared, bring a good reserve of batteries in your backpack. The amount may depend on the type of trip and how many possibilities you have to recharge. In the city, you can probably buy one easily, while in more remote areas it will be almost impossible to find new batteries and you will probably have difficulty even finding electricity. Bring with you also a spare charger, in case something goes wrong.

4. Weatherproofing

It depends mostly on what kind of trip you’re going to start. In any case, it is always more convenient to prevent and carry with you rain protection for the camera, cheap and light, that can be used in different situations. Even a plastic bag could do its job and protect our expensive equipment from the elements, although it is not comparable to custom-made protection.

5. Memory cards

It is essential to have several memory cards with you, regardless of the type of trip and what you will have to do. For example, you may find yourself quickly with little space and the need to find a solution to the problem in an isolated place, ending in the worst case without the possibility of taking more photos. It would also not be wrong to download the contents of these cards to another device to make sure you have the images safe in two different places.

6. Camera side strap

Instead of the classic belt to wear around the neck, I suggest buying a side one, longer, to better distribute the weight over the whole body and experience less fatigue. The more robust models are not cheap but it is worth spending a little more money in this case.

7. Basic cleaning kit

A good basic photographic cleaning kit should never be missing from your backpack, whether you are traveling or not.


Choosing the essential photo kit for a trip is not a simple task, but the following should be considered:  

Travel always needs proper planning. By knowing what you want to do and therefore paying attention to what you really need, you can avoid carrying unnecessary equipment, save weight and get good results with less difficulty.

If you need to buy equipment, I can help you with this choice. Write to me through the contact form, this service is free.

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