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5 Essential Travel Photography Apps – Updated 2021

travel photography apps

The smartphone becomes an essential complement to our daily life and it accompanies us also while traveling and taking pictures. There are many apps available for photography, free and paid, some very useful and others not so much. It is normal to get lost in this jungle of applications and not understand which ones are really worth downloading.

To save time and help you with this choice I have prepared a list of 5 essential Travel Photography Apps:

An essential and very complete app, which helps us to plan practically everything! It provides detailed information about sunrise and sunset, golden hour, blue hour, time of visibility of the Milky Way, phases of the moon and a guide about points of interest where to take that picture of the landscape that we so much want to achieve. On the other hand, there are other very useful tools, such as the “planner”, which allows us to know the position of the sun or the moon based on our location and the interval calculator for making a Timelapse. It is a paid application, accessible for a low price, that is absolutely worth downloading.

Price: 9.99 USD (App Store – Google Play)

It’s a very useful app, approved by most stock image agencies. You no longer have to carry papers with you when you travel to get the consent of the people you photograph. This app allows you to collect authorizations, information and signatures in digital form and then easily send them to your email or to a PDF cloud. It’s a paid app, but well-made and up-to-date, it saves space, time and makes the travel photographer’s life easier.

Price: 9.99 USD (App Store – Google Play)

It is a backup application for images and videos. You will be able to store your data for free organize automatic transfers to the cloud of all the pictures you have taken with your camera or smartphone, with the possibility of creating shared folders among family and friends. Very useful while traveling, since we always have the doubt if the storage space we carry with us is enough for the whole trip. This way you will have your images stored in a safe place, without fear of losing them. The only thing to keep in mind is that the data transfer is done with Wi-Fi, so if you are in a very remote place you will have to use more traditional methods.

Price: free up to 15 GB (App Store – Google Play).

It is a very complete and simple app to retouch images. The tool options are very wide and considering it is free, it has no comparison with any other app, the best one so far. It allows to correct several aspects of a photo: curves, white balance, transformations, defect removal and filter application. You can also add text, make double exposures and apply the edition in a selective way with the brush. Although professional retouching is done with a larger, calibrated screen and not on a smartphone, Snapseed is a valuable app, useful for example for quick image fixes for social networks.

Price: free (App Store – Google Play)

It is used to edit videos and combine photos with music. An easy-to-use app: you can quickly trim and edit any kind of digital format, adding sound and effects or changing the speed, and then share it on your social networks. I like it because it has few errors and the free version, unlike other apps, allows you to do a lot without restrictions when exporting the final files.

Price: free (App Store – Google Play). There is a Premium version that allows access to all transitions, effects and stickers for 9.99 USD / year.

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