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Black and White vs Color Photography

black and white vs color photography

Inle Lake Street Market, Myanmar – © Nicholas Tinelli If you are serious about photography, you have probably asked yourself this question, perhaps when creating a portfolio and choosing how to present your images: Is color or black and white better? The truth is that there is no exact answer: it depends on your style … Read more

6 Helpful Exercises to Improve Your Photographic Eye

photographic eye

One of the key elements in Travel Photography is the ability to Develop the Photographic Eye. Equipment is not the only thing that matters. For sure having a camera with a good sensor, professional lenses and other accessories, such as filters or a quality tripod, helps to get better results. But this is a necessity … Read more

6 Tips to Improve Your Stock Travel Photography Portfolio

stock travel photography

Many travel photographers start their careers trying to earn extra money with Stock Photography. It was the same for me. I started by making a careful selection and uploading some photos of my first trip. Then the first sale came, together with the surprise and enthusiasm that motivated me to continue. Over time this methodical … Read more

How to Build a Photography Portfolio

build a photography portfolio

Share on facebook Share on linkedin Share on whatsapp Share on pinterest Share on email If you start getting serious and want to organize your photography work properly to show it to the public, it is essential to build an effective portfolio of your pictures. This is not the only aspect to be taken into … Read more

5 Essential Travel Photography Apps – Updated 2021

travel photo apps

The smartphone becomes an essential complement to our daily life and it accompanies us also while traveling and taking pictures. There are many apps available for photography, free and paid, some very useful and others not so much. It is normal to get lost in this jungle of applications and not understand which ones are … Read more