Black and White vs Color Photography

black and white vs color photography

Inle Lake Street Market, Myanmar – © Nicholas Tinelli If you are serious about photography, you have probably asked yourself this question, perhaps when creating a portfolio and choosing how to present your images: Is color or black and white better? The truth is that there is no exact answer: it depends on your style … Read more

6 Helpful Exercises to Improve Your Photographic Eye

photographic eye

One of the key elements in Travel Photography is the ability to Develop the Photographic Eye. Equipment is not the only thing that matters. For sure having a camera with a good sensor, professional lenses and other accessories, such as filters or a quality tripod, helps to get better results. But this is a necessity … Read more

How to organize your Brand Communication in photography

photography brand communication

Why is it important to talk about digital marketing in photography? How can this help you in times when everyone has access to a camera? The first thing you need to know is that communicating a product or service has many variables in common but also some important differences to recognize. The photographer’s job can … Read more

5 Essential Travel Photography Apps – Updated 2020

travel photo apps

The smartphone becomes an essential complement to our daily life and it accompanies us also while traveling and taking pictures. There are many apps available for photography, free and paid, some very useful and others not so much. It is normal to get lost in this jungle of applications and not understand which ones are … Read more

How to get sharp images: 8 aspects to take into account

sharp image of a flamingo

Do you strive to improve your photography but can’t always get sharp images? Does it ever happen that you go home, download photos to your computer, and realize that unlike what you thought you saw on the camera display, some of the best shots of the session are not perfectly in detail? I’ll tell you … Read more

The Reciprocal Rule in photography

sharp images

Sometimes you may find yourself with photographs that are not perfectly sharp and often the problem is due to the “vibration blur” (or “camera shake”), the movement generated by the vibrations of the camera. In order to understand how to solve this problem, in this article we will go into depth on the Reciprocal Rule, … Read more

6 alternative activities for a photographer in the Coronavirus days

coronavirus for artists

    Unfortunately, we are experiencing a moment of great difficulty, with the obligation to stay indoors to prevent the spread of the virus. As in almost all sectors, activities related to photography are decreasing. Earning as an artist and getting your work recognized is not easy when everything is going well, much less now. … Read more

A RAW is forever! Guide to essential image formats in photography

formatos en fotografia

Do you know what are the essential image formats in photography?   It is important to clarify this topic from the beginning to avoid errors and loss of time, consolidating a correct workflow, in the shooting phase and in post-production. There are different formats and the choice of one or another will depend on the … Read more

Sensors and crop factor: with simple words

apsc full fram sensors

If you have done an internet search on the subject, you will probably be even more confused than before. That’s why I decided to explain in simple words, in the following article, what are the differences between the two sensors currently most used in photography (Full Frame and APS-C). I will also talk about the … Read more

Top 10 photography terms for beginners

Depth of field

For a beginner who enters the world of photography, there is really a lot to learn. Understand the notions behind this discipline is essential. Here you will find a list of ten photography terms for beginners, a basis for continuing to deepen your knowledge: 1. Exposure The exposure represents the amount of light entering the … Read more