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Interview with Tony Kuyper, creator of the TK Luminosity Masks

luminosity masks

This month I had a chat with Tony Kuyper, photographer, and creator of the Luminosity Masks. The first and great popularizer of this technique, which thanks to his passion and constant research, is now very widespread in the world of photography. Tell me something about you. Since how long you dedicate yourself to photography? What … Read more

How to optimize images for the web with Photoshop

faster website load

Did you know that if the pages of your site take more than 3 seconds to load the user loses interest and leaves? More loading time ——>> Less customers ——>> Less revenue for your business In the following article, I will explain to you how to optimize images for the web with Photoshop and why it is so … Read more

The Golden Ratio: origin of the Rule of Thirds

The Fibonacci spiral applied to a photograph

The objective of each compositional technique is to obtain dynamic and interesting images. You’ve probably already heard about the “Rule of Thirds“, one of the best known when it comes to photographic composition.   This rule establishes that an image is more pleasant when its subjects/objects are distributed along imaginary lines that divide it into … Read more

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