Faces from Asia: Interview with Photographer Alessandro Bergamini

indian woman portrait

In this interview we fly to Italy to meet Alessandro Bergamini, Photographer and Tour Leader dedicated to portraits, cultures and traditions from Asia. How did your passion for Travel and Photography started? The passion for travel comes from a constant curiosity and desire to discover the world. I’ve always wanted to travel and I’m passionate … Read more

The world through the eye of Travel Photographer Steve Davey

holi festival in india

For this interview we fly to the UK to meet Steve Davey, an established Travel Photographer, Writer and Tour Leader based in Somerset. A tireless traveler, who was able to make his passion a way of life. Steve’s work has been published internationally and includes two books edited by the BBC. Let’s get to know … Read more

Interview with Alessandro Vannucci, Photographer and Tour Leader in Cambodia

Monks at the Kulen Waterfalls in Cambodia

For this interview we fly to Southeast Asia, in Cambodia, a country with a glorious and turbulent history that attracts travelers from all over the world thanks to its architecture, art and traditions, dating back to the time of the Khmer dynasty. We do this through the experience of the Italian travel photographer Alessandro Vannucci. … Read more

Interview with Sam Chadwick, photographer and founder of MyKeyworder

sam chadwick portrait

This month I had a chat with Sam Chadwick, a Swiss travel photographer. In the next few lines, in addition to telling us more about his passion for photography, Sam will talk about MyKeyworder, a tool he developed to accelerate the workflow in stock photography.   When did you first approach photography? I started getting … Read more

Celine Frers, images of the authentic Argentine spirit 

Gaucho in Patagonia

Patagonian landscapes, gauchos, the art of travel, this is what is reflected in the images of the Argentinean photographer Celine Frers, who in this interview will tell us about her life and passion. How did you get close to photography? I approached photography as a girl, bought my first camera when I was 9. I’ve … Read more

Interview with Tony Kuyper, creator of the TK Luminosity Masks

luminosity masks

This month I had a chat with Tony Kuyper, photographer, and creator of the Luminosity Masks. The first and great popularizer of this technique, which thanks to his passion and constant research, is now very widespread in the world of photography. Tell me something about you. Since how long you dedicate yourself to photography? What … Read more

Interview with Martin Bailey, nature photographer from Japan

snow monkeys in japan by Martin Bailey

This month we fly to Japan to meet the British nature and wildlife photographer Martin Bailey. Blogger, podcaster and tour leader based in Tokyo. In addition to conveying his passion for photography through the blog and organizing adventurous workshops, Martin is also a Capture One ambassador and X-Rite Coloratti. A professional committed at 360 degrees. Where does your passion … Read more

Interview with travel photographer Stefano Politi Markovina

Dubai skyscrapers

This month I had the chance to interview Stefano Politi Markovina, a travel photographer born in Italy and living in Barcelona. His photos show a great passion for color, which conveys a positive feeling. In the next few lines, Stefano will talk in detail about aspects related to his life and work. When and how … Read more

Tales in a suitcase: “How photography accompanies travel”

photographer in Buenos Aires

I thank Rolling Pandas, an Italian portal, for the interview released yesterday about my work as a travel photographer and blogger.    This is how Nicholas, a professional photographer, takes on his travels and inspires other people. Besides being a photographer, he runs his own blog, which brought us into his world. Here is the interview: … Read more

Interview with Gavin Gough, Humanitarian and Travel Photographer

Gavin Gough in Kolkata, India

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Gavin Gough, Bangkok-based editorial, humanitarian and travel photographer, who in the next few lines will tell us some anecdotes about his life and activities. When and why you decide to leave England to live overseas? The first time I traveled with the express purpose of taking photographs … Read more