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Interview with Prashanta Hridoy, documentary photographer

Bangladesh street scene during the Kumbh Mela
Kumbh Mela – © Prashanta Hridoy

A few days ago I realized an interview with the documentary photographer, fixer, and tour guide Prashanta Hridoy, based in Dhaka (Bangladesh), who in the next few lines will tell us something more about his activity and give us some valuable advice for visiting his country.

How long have you been working as a professional photographer?

More than 10 years. 

How did your passion for photography come from?

Since I was a child I wanted to explore the creative process of storytelling, thanks to this I decided to venture into the world of photography. Over time I have become increasingly fascinated by this artistic expression, which gives me the opportunity to show my vision of the world.

Bangladesh portrait in Sylhet
Portrait in Sylhet, Bangladesh – © Prashanta Hridoy

How did you start your activity as a fixer, tour guide?

I always received many questions from international photographers through my social networks asking for more information to visit the country. I realized it would be a good idea to propose myself as a fixer and tour guide, which would help me continue my journey as a photographer. My job mainly consists of accompanying clients in different places with photographic interest and assisting them in the field with access/information, to achieve their goals. During the last years, I’ve had the chance to collaborate with many professionals, mostly from North America and Southeast Asia.

Which is your favorite lens for documentary photography?

My favorite lens is the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8, it’s easy to travel with and to capture decisive moments.

Which photographers influenced you the most?

Steve McCurry, Alex Webb, and James Nachtwey.

Dhaka apartments, Bangladesh
Apartments in Dhaka, Bangladesh – © Prashanta Hridoy

What do you like most about photographing in Bangladesh?

My favorite subjects are the people: the “Bangladeshi” are very welcoming and warm. It is very gratifying for me to work in a context like this.

Which places do you recommend visiting in Dhaka?

I always recommend a visit to places where there is great human interaction. In Dhaka you cannot miss the chaotic Sadarghat river port, as well as the train stations, there’s always something interesting to discover and photograph.  

Man on a train in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Man on a train in Dhaka, Bangladesh – © Prashanta Hridoy

What other places/festivals (outside Dhaka) do you consider “not to be missed” during a visit to your country?

Bangladesh is a heaven for photographers, the list is unlimited. There are many places and festivals outside Dhaka. My favorite one is Sonargaon in Narayanganj, the “Village of Gold”, a historical trade center, the seat of the medieval Muslim rulers and governors of eastern Bengala. A great option is to visit this destination during the “Rakher Upobas” festival (late October/early November), taking place in the “Barodi” temple. This celebration brings together thousands of Hindu devotees who pray to Baba Loknath to save their families and dear ones from curses and diseases. I never miss any chance to go there.


Prashanta Hridoy, documentary photographer, fixer, and tour guide based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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