Copyright Policy

All the content on this website is property of Nicholas Tinelli, protected by the Copyrights Laws. Texts and images cannot be used for personal, commercial and editorial purposes without written permission by Nicholas Tinelli. All Rights Reserved.

If you are interested in one of my photographs, you can:

1_ Obtain a formal written permission and use the photo with appropriate citation, as in the examples below:

For websites & blogs:

Photograph by Nicholas Tinelli /

For social medias:

Instagram – Tag @nik_tinelli – accompanied by the text: Photo by Nicholas Tinelli /
Facebook – Tag @nicholastinellitravel – accompanied by the text: Photo by Nicholas Tinelli /

For printed magazines:

Photograph by Nicholas Tinelli

2_ Pay for the image usage license. In this case you can use the image that you have paid for as stated in the details of our written agreement. A citation is always appreciated, as it values the work of the photographer.

What are the steps to follow to ask for a personal, commercial or editorial usage license?

1. Fill in the Contact Form with your details and select “Image Licensing”

2. In the message box indicate the following details:

What is the photo you are interested in?

Where will you display it?

For which purpose: personal, editorial, commercial

Duration of the display