Interview with Tony Kuyper, creator of the TK Luminosity Masks

luminosity masks

This month I had a chat with Tony Kuyper, photographer, and creator of the Luminosity Masks. The first and great popularizer of this technique, which thanks to his passion and constant research, is now very widespread in the world of photography. Tell me something about you. Since how long you dedicate yourself to photography? What … Read more

Upcoming photography courses in Buenos Aires – February 2020

Photography courses in Buenos Aires

In less than 15 days the first series of group photography courses will begin in Buenos Aires. In addition to the course of travel photography and retouching with Photoshop, I will introduce a novelty: the Master in Portrait – Part 1. The first of a series of courses dedicated to the art of portrait photography … Read more

How to optimize images for the web with Photoshop

faster website load

Did you know that if the pages of your site take more than 3 seconds to load the user loses interest and leaves? More loading time ——>> Less customers ——>> Less revenue for your business In the following article, I will explain to you how to optimize images for the web with Photoshop and why it is so … Read more

Upcoming photography courses in Buenos Aires – September 2019

Photography courses in Buenos Aires

There’s no much time left for the beginning of the next and final series of photography courses of 2019, which will take place in the Borges 1975 library and in the Casa Indus co-working space (Palermo, Buenos Aires). The program includes 3 activities:  1. Introduction to photography;  2. Travel photography; 3. Post-production with Camera Raw … Read more

Color management in printing

color management in photography

Did you bring your photos to print in the laboratory and the result is very different from what you expected? It happened to me too to find myself in this situation when I started to take my first steps in digital photography. Everything revolves around proper color management. Understanding how to manage color is essential … Read more

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