sRGB or Adobe RGB: which color space to set on the camera

color spaces

  Although it certainly won’t be the first problem you’ll have to face when you pick up a camera, sooner or later you’ll have to decide which color space to set. There are two possibilities: sRGB or Adobe RGB. You will find this option in the menu of your camera (if you don’t see it, … Read more

Color spaces and color profiles: what are they?

CIE Lab Color Space

In the next lines we will see what is the difference between color spaces and color profiles, concepts often confused with each other. These terms are fundamental to clearly understand the topic of color management in photography. Not an irrelevant matter for a photographer! The basis: the color models The best known are the RGB … Read more

Why do my photos don’t look right when I print?

color management in photography

Did you bring your photos to print in the laboratory and the result is very different from what you expected? It happened to me too to find myself in this situation when I started to take my first steps in digital photography. Everything revolves around proper color management. Understanding how to manage color is essential … Read more