What does a polarizing filter do?

Tiffen polarizing filter

With the development of digital post-production, some of the filters used in the past (e.g. for color modification) are no longer needed. With a few steps, using software such as Photoshop, we can achieve the same result and avoid carrying weight in excess. The same is not true for the polarizing filter, an indispensable accessory … Read more

Travel Tripods: Vanguard VEO 2 – 204 AB vs. 235 AB

tripodes vanguard

Thanks to the Digital Zoom team I had the opportunity to review in detail two Vanguard travel tripods: the VEO 2 – 235 AB and VEO 2 – 204 AB. In the following lines, we will see in comparison every aspect of the two models. What’s in the box? In the contents of both, you … Read more

10 mistakes to avoid for a Travel Photographer

Too much equipment

Are you about to travel? Would you like to be at your destination already with your camera in hand? I understand you well! It’s the best time to take pictures. When everything is new to our eyes the enthusiasm is great and consequently also the creativity. Travel photography is something extraordinary, it includes different genres, … Read more

Essential equipment for getting started with travel photography

travel photography essential kit

  What is the essential equipment for getting started with travel photography? Ideally as light as possible, but also useful for our purpose. So it is important to take into account the quality/weight ratio. For luck, technology helps us, and today there are materials that allow us to maintain an excellent level of quality with … Read more

Photography essentials you need to get started

DSLR reflex camera photography

If you are passionate about photography, you may have thought about the possibility of buying your own equipment. The market offer is so wide that it is difficult to understand what are the first steps to take, especially taking into account the prices, usually not low. This article will help you determine the minimum kit … Read more