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How to choose the right photographer for your event

Choosing the right event photographer

Usually, whit a big event coming up there’s a lot of stress in the air and different aspects to manage. You surely want to plan and organize it in the best way, making sure to capture each special moment with high-quality images. Entrusting the task to a professional photographer will avoid any inconveniences, obtaining an excellent result.

Below I wrote a list with 5 suggestions that will help you to choose the right photographer for your event:

1. Do your research

  • Of course, the internet is a great place to start, but research doesn’t just mean Google. Speak to friends and family, work colleagues or others in the photography field who may have good references.
  • Try to find a photographer in your local area to reduce any travel costs
  • Speak to your event venue to see if they have any preferred photographers who are familiar with the event space.

2. Compare prices

  • Don’t take the first quote you are given, as pricing can vary a lot.
  • Don’t just go for the cheapest quote – as, with many things in life, you usually get the level of quality you pay for!

3. Chat and ask questions

  • You want the personality to be a fit as well as the skill level. If you need everything completely organized in order to feel calm, but your photographer is extremely laid back it may cause you to stress when trying to plan.
  • Now is the time to clear up any questions. If you have special requirements, make sure to bring them up in your initial conversations in order to avoid wasting time with candidates who are not suitable.

4. Have a clear brief

  • Discuss how you can convey your ideas and vision to the photographer. They may have a framework and questions to draw this out from you, or you may need to take charge of yourself.
  • Try to show examples of similar event photography you have seen that you would like to emulate.
  • Make sure to confirm what is involved in your package; how many photos you will receive, what format they will be delivered in, if there are any additional fees, such as if the event goes on longer than planned.

5. Check out their portfolio

  • Take a look back through their previous projects to make sure their style and editing are what you want.
  • Ask them if they have particular examples in mind that closely resemble what you have asked for.

Choose the right photographer for your event can be a difficult decision, but using the suggestions in this list you will know that you are making an informed and careful choice.

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