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My 10 Best Photos of 2020

As every year, it’s time for a summary.

2020 was quite “catastrophic”, but it also had its positive aspects: it gave me time to think about what I was doing and how, I was able to reorganize my work, improve my services and together with a group of recognized Local Professional Photographers, we gave shape to a project that had been planned for a long time, marking the beginning of a new adventure with Argentina Photo Workshops.

Below are my 10 Best Photos of 2020. Definitely a more difficult selection, considering the long period in quarantine. However, I never lost hope and even this year, there was no shortage of Unique Moments of Travel Photography.

Young Aymara, north of Argentina

young aymara portrait humahuaca

I remember being excited during this shot: the vivid colors of tradition, the light, the serious and determined look of this young Aymara from northern Argentina.

An authentic portrait from the “Quebrada of Humahuaca” and an unexpected encounter. A moment of travel that has remained in my heart.

The magic of Tango in Buenos Aires

tango caminito argentina

Tango is passion, energy, beauty, magic and much more.

From a trip to Buenos Aires, one does not return without having witnessed, at least once, this art in motion, an essential part of Argentine culture. 

Here I was in the streets of the lively neighborhood of “La Boca” with the couple of professional dancers Emir Fares and Ivonne Lois, during an extraordinary moment of light.

The strength of water: Iguazú

Iguazu waterfall argentina

A travel postcard from Iguazú Falls, on the Brazilian side.

The realization of the photo presented several technical difficulties, which with the help of Eduardo, who accompanied me during this humid journey in January in the province of Misiones, we managed to solve. 

In addition to the humidity, the day was very cloudy and the light only started to improve towards the end, when we arrived at the footbridge that leads to the panoramic view of the falls. 

The biggest difficulty was to position the tripod on a walkway full of people and use a long exposure time with an ND filter, trying not to generate a “motion” due to the vibrations of the walkway. In addition, the wind was carrying water and continued to wet the surface of the lens. 

In the end it was worth insisting. We obtained a shot that shows the movement, the quantity and the strength of the water flowing along the Iguazú Falls.

Labirinto della Masone

labirinto masone italy

This summer I had the chance to get to know the Labirinto della Masone, in Parma. 

An enigmatic place, fruit of the artistic genius of Franco Maria Ricci, inspired by his friend, the writer Jorge Luis Borges, who had the “labyrinth” as one of his main themes. A path out of time, to get lost, find oneself and reflect, among tall columns of bamboo canes.

For me it was a happy moment, shared with my mother, after so many months of quarantine spent far away, separated by an ocean. A moment to find ourselves again.

The ruins of San Ignacio

san ignacio mini misiones argentina

An image that I have been long dreaming to make. In the company of the beautiful Florencia, between the doors of the ancient Jesuit ruins of San Ignacio. 

A glimpse of the past, voices and stories carried by the wind.

The celebration of Carnival

carnival humahuaca coperos

A group of Copleros (musicians) during carnival celebrations in northern Argentina, in a small town in the province of Jujuy.

According to tradition, the white powder (flour or talc) erases social, economic and cultural differences. Carnival in the north is a time of great celebration and sharing, which is combined with the cult of Pachamama (Mother Earth).

The Carnival Devil

humahuaca carnival uquia

Again Carnival, always in the north of Argentina.

This time in Uquía, where hundreds of “devils” descend from Cerro Blanco to the rhythm of music. Energy and folklore in a colorful festival that goes on day and night.

Lavender scent

lavender field sierra ventana argentina

Mariela, surrounded by the scent of lavender, among the sublime landscape of Sierra de la Ventana.

One of my last images from 2020. The triumph of nature.

Springtime in Buenos Aires

jacaranda spring buenos aires

Buenos Aires is one of the most beautiful cities in South America and, during spring, it is tinged with purple, with the Jacaranda trees in bloom.

So the colonial architecture of the capital is combined with the colors of spring, to the delight of all photographers.


northern argentina portrait 2

Closing the series is this portrait of an elderly woman in northern Argentina. 

A blue that evokes the dream and for me, the hope of a 2021 with many opportunities like this one: to photograph beauty and emotion in a human face.

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