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Pardo, discovering a small town south of Buenos Aires

A few weeks ago with a select group of photographers, we visited the small village of Pardo, located more than 200 km away from Buenos Aires, heading south. In this remote place, lost in the Argentine pampas live about 160 inhabitants and many animals grazing. Right there the famous writer Adolfo Bioy Casares spent most of his life, in an “estancia” of his property.

One of the most interesting parts of the trip was the visit to the station, where are kept in perfect condition some vintage objects, including a beautiful piano and old red English phones. We also visited the “Capilla del Socorro”, historical heritage of the year 1880 and the home of a farmer of the area, Antonino, who welcomed us and told us with passion its story. When the lights went down, armed with tripods, we enjoyed an infinite starry sky with a clear Milky Way, far from the lights of the city.

Here are some photos of the participants:

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